Free resource to boost your English

While it’s not a main focus of my work, my EFL (English-as-a-foreign language) clients often ask me about improving their English. So, I thought I’d put together a short blog post on one of my favourite free English learning resources.


Improving your English has many benefits, both in and outside your professional life. For example, it makes meetings with foreign clients easier, you get emails and reports written more quickly, you’re more likely to get an overseas secondment, and it makes international travel easier.


But it can be hard to find the time to commit to a course or find a course that covers what you need.  And then there’s the financial outlay. Good courses can be expensive.


That’s why I want to let you know about BBC Learning English. It’s a free online resource, and unlike some other free resources you can be sure of its quality.


One of the benefits of BBC Learning English is that you can choose a course, topic or way of learning that’s right for you. Here are few examples:

·       If you’d like a full programme to work through, there are 30 unit courses at a variety of levels.

·       If you’d like to work on your pronunciation, there’s Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop.

·       If you’d like a video to watch at lunchtime, there’s 6 Minute English.  

·       If you’d like to build your global acumen at the same time, there’s LingoHack that uses current news stories.

·       If you’d like to improve and test your grammar, there’s the Grammar Gameshow.

·       If you’d like to learn on your commute to work, there’s the Learning English App.



Find some time to take a look at BBC Learning English or download the app!