On this page you'll find free, downloadable guides I've written for researchers and other technical specialists. They cover a range of topics, including academic English and getting published. At the end of the page, there are links to selected helpful external resources.


My blog also contains useful guidance, tips and ideas on writing and being edited.. 

Writing a great discussion
The discussion section of your paper is vital. It's where you can show the importance of your work. In this easy guide you can learn more about what to include and also pick up some useful phrases.
Writing a great discussion.pdf
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Writing a BioSketch
A BioSketch is a type of CV or resume that is requested by the NIH and other funders. Anyone who will be a senior/key or significant person in a major grant funded project or scholarship needs a BioSketch. This guide lets you know how plan, what steps are involved, and outlines what's needed in each section.
Writing a BioSketch.pdf
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Writing SOPs
This easy to understand guide explains why Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important and the steps you need to follow to write them. There are also links to templates and examples to make the process easier.
Writing SOPs.pdf
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Improving your academic writing
As a student or researcher you need to master the skill of writing in a professional and coherent way. This short guide gives you key information you can use you make sure you're writing the right way.
Improving Your Academic Writing.pdf
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Writing a lay summary
If you want your research to reach a wider audience you need to be able able explain it in everyday English. This guide has tips on how to write a summary that you can use with the media, funders or colleagues in other disciplines.
Writing a Lay Summary.pdf
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Choosing the right journal
It can be difficult to know where to publish. This easy-to-read guide has step-by-step explanations and tips on choosing the best place for your work.
Choosing the right journal.pdf
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External resources US government site with tips and guidance on writing clearly and concisely

Hemingway App: tool to analyse your writing, shows you how to be clearer

An Introduction to Proposal and Report Writing: free course from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Edanz Expert Blog: regularly updated blog with tips and resources for academic writers

LearnEnglish: British Council resource with writing exercises and guidance for different English levels

Quick Guide to Science Communication: downloadable guide from Brown University