Clear writing

Clear writing · 10. August 2023
Tips for self-editing
In this blog post, I cover three steps that can help you be a better self-editor: ● Take a break ● Look at long sentences ● Make use of technology
Clear writing · 10. November 2022
Communicating recognition in the workplace
In this post, we’ll look at three things to remember when writing words of appreciation: ● Choose an appropriate register ● Be realistic and genuine ● Individualize your message
Clear writing · 22. September 2022
Communicating clearly about change
Writing that is clear and has value to the reader should be your goal most of the time. Meeting this goal becomes even more important during times of change and transition when people can be feeling uncertain or confused. Communicating poorly or insincerely during a transition can create a sense of mistrust and scepticism that can directly impact on how well your transition is delivered or received.
Clear writing · 22. September 2022
Avoiding ambiguity
In this post I’m going to focus on three small things that can derail your otherwise clear writing by creating ambiguity: slashes, Latin abbreviations, and “ensure”. We’ll look at how you can avoid ambiguity by making sure you: ● Use exact words and punctuation instead of slashes ● Replace e.g. and i.e. with words ● Use “ensure” only when you really mean it.