Clear writing · 10. August 2023
Tips for self-editing
In this blog post, I cover three steps that can help you be a better self-editor: ● Take a break ● Look at long sentences ● Make use of technology
Clear writing · 10. November 2022
Communicating recognition in the workplace
In this post, we’ll look at three things to remember when writing words of appreciation: ● Choose an appropriate register ● Be realistic and genuine ● Individualize your message
Clear writing · 22. September 2022
Communicating clearly about change
Writing that is clear and has value to the reader should be your goal most of the time. Meeting this goal becomes even more important during times of change and transition when people can be feeling uncertain or confused. Communicating poorly or insincerely during a transition can create a sense of mistrust and scepticism that can directly impact on how well your transition is delivered or received.
Clear writing · 22. September 2022
Avoiding ambiguity
In this post I’m going to focus on three small things that can derail your otherwise clear writing by creating ambiguity: slashes, Latin abbreviations, and “ensure”. We’ll look at how you can avoid ambiguity by making sure you: ● Use exact words and punctuation instead of slashes ● Replace e.g. and i.e. with words ● Use “ensure” only when you really mean it.
Editing tips · 22. September 2022
Know your punctuation!
While poor punctuation normally won’t change the meaning of your words entirely, it can make sentences harder to read easily and can distract from your message. Here we look at a few of the most common punctuation marks and how you are likely to use them in your professional or academic writing.
Learning English · 01. March 2022
Avoiding common English errors
I know many people are keen to reduce the number of English errors in their documents so they can feel more confident not using an editor every time. In this post, I highlight three of the most common English errors I see and how you can avoid them.
Editing tips · 17. February 2022
Reducing your editing costs
If your editing budget doesn’t cover your current editing needs, what can you do to get cost-efficient editing? This blog post covers a few factors to consider and some steps you can take.
Editing tips · 15. February 2022
How to choose the correct editing service
What are the main document editing-related services? And how are they different? This blog post summarises some common services to help you choose the right one.
Academic writing and publishing · 21. January 2022
Improving your academic writing
Knowing some of the basic rules of academic writing will help you get going in the right direction and hopefully reduce the amount of comments from your supervisor or reviewer. This blog post will give you some helpful tips and guidance on improving your academic writing, especially for journals
Writing specific documents · 20. January 2022
Writing better SOPs
If you oversee a particular process at work, you might be asked to write or update the SOP for that process. And if you’ve never written an SOP before, it might be hard to know where to start. This blog post aims to give the basics you need to get started on writing a clear and effective SOP!

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